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Video: Paul Haggis, Hollywood Hypocrite

l recently gave an on-camera interview about Paul Haggis to Freedom Magazine. Anyone interested can view it here by opening this post and clinking on this link when highlighted: Paul Haggis video. … Continue reading


Ashley Madison, Paul??

When Paul Haggis began his attacks on Scientology, his interviews included a caveat that, knowing Paul as well as I do, I found highly entertaining.  He floated the idea that, … Continue reading


Paul Haggis, Humanitarian?  Really??

“Did you hear what your brother did?” my friend asked, wearing a distasteful expression. Although nothing Paul does surprises me anymore, I still cringe with embarrassment when the tales of … Continue reading


Paul Haggis rewrites history – his own!

In fiction, authors begin by fashioning a sympathetic hero – someone we can care about, or, in the case of an anti-hero, at least feel for – as the entrance point … Continue reading


On the subject of Abuse

Paul Haggis has been quite vocal recently in accusing others of “abuse.”  It seems a strange tack to take since Paul must himself admit that he never personally observed any of the incidents … Continue reading


A Tale by Two Liars: Lawrence Wright and Paul Haggis

Paul Haggis was cheated out of a credit on Lawrence Wright’s recent book (now a “documentary”).  The credit should read “written by Lawrence Wright, fabricated by Paul Haggis.”  And it should be subtitled … Continue reading


The Starter Wife

I have never met a woman with more sheer guts and determination than Paul’s first wife, Diane. She bore four children, lost a son, and raised three girls with extraordinary … Continue reading